Big Book of Best Short Stories - Specials - Western

Volume 2

B. M. Bower, Andy Adams, Bret Harte, Hamlin Garland, Zane Grey, August Nemo: Big Book of Best Short Stories - Specials - Western
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This book contains 25 short stories from 5 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the critic August Nemo, in a collection that will please the literature lovers.The theme of this edition is: Western.

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This book contains:

- Bret Harte:

- The Luck of Roaring Camp

- The Outcasts of Poker Flat

- Colonel Starbottle for the Plaintiff

- A Convert of the Mission

- A Widow of the Santa Ana Valley

- A Yellow Dog

- Melons

- Andy Adams:

- Drifting North.

- Siegerman's Per Cent.

- "Bad Medicine".

- A Winter Round-Up.

- A College Vagabond.

- The Double Trail.

- Rangering.

- B. M. Bower:

- The Lonesome Trail.

- First Aid To Cupid.

- When The Cook Fell Ill.

- The Lamb.

- The Spirit of the Range.

- The Reveler.

- The Unheavenly Twins

- Zane Grey:

- Amber's Mirage

- The Ranger

- Don: The Story Of A Lion Dog

- The Wolf Tracker

- Lure of the River

- A Missouri Schoolmarm

- Monty Price's Nightingale

- Hamlin Garland:

- Under the Lion's Paw

- A Branch Road

- A "Good Fellow's Wife"

- A Night Raid at Eagle River

- Uncle Ethan Ripley

- Mrs. Ripley's Trip

- A Day's Pleasure