Beatport Itunes Spotify - The Label Secrets Book Enter The Top of The Charts

Enter The Top Of The Charts Systems and Strategies

Frank Milton: Beatport Itunes Spotify - The Label Secrets Book Enter The Top of The Charts
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All shared Informations in this eBook are based on Secrets that we received from Label A&R's, own Tests and ways that showed how to grow fast in todays Music Market. IMPORTANT: Nothing inside this eBook is ilegally! Its all just possible ways to enter the Top of the Charts and ways how to make better Selfmarketing! This Strategies are used by the leading Labels and can be used by every single Artist or small Labels with no Budget! REMEMBER: Sucessful Artists or Labels would never share theyr secrets and ways how they became so known, big and featured on every Release with Banners or other Boosts! I am Label consultant and Music Market analyst. This Strategies i share now with you are the Informations you was waiting All for. And as I think its Time to make these Secrets public I was open to write this eBook to share as fairness for the Indie Labels and Newcomers in the Music Business All I know about and wish you will have tomorrow your first BIG CHART because its very possible! Follow my Steps in this guide and you will see the results. TURN 2017 INTO YOUR YEAR AND BELIEVE ME YOU DON'T NEED THE BIG LABELS TO GET NOTED AND FEATURED! DO YOUR OWN THINGS FROM NOW AND GET YOUR TOP 10 CHARTS WITHOUT WAITING A NEVER COMING FEEDBACK FROM THE BIG LABELS ON YOUR DEMO SUBMISSION! ONCE YOU GO FEW TIMES BEATPORT TOP 10 THEY WILL ALL COME TO YOU INCLUDING THE LABELS YOU DREAM ABOUT TO RELEASE THERE SINCE YEARS AND THE ARTIST BOOKING AGENCYS TOO, BECAUSE THEN THEY WILL SMELL THE POSSIBLE MONNEY THEY CAN MAKE WITH YOU AND TRY TO CLOSE A DEAL ON EXCLUSIV BASE WITH YOU! WITH THIS EBOOK YOUR LONG AWAITED DREAMS CAN COME FINALLY TRUE AND YOU CAN CHOOSE IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS SYSTEMS FOR BEATPORT, ITUNES, SPOTIFY OR OTHER STORES!

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