Arab Nights

Post 9/11 Thriller set in Tunisia

Alexis Debary: Arab Nights
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Monica loves many things about Arab culture. Others she hates to the bone.

As the newly recruited under-cover agent on a Tunisian holiday island her main goal is to track down the mastermind behind the terror attack on Africa's oldest synagogue but she is also vastly attracted to her local co-worker. Then the corpse of a murdered British tourist washes up on the shore, and Monica is flung into a world of jet-setter parties, international politics and ancient North African magical practices. Nothing is what it seems as she slithers into a growing web of possible suspects.

Arab Nights is a literary post 9/11 thriller based on the 4/4 2002 terrorist blast, on Djerba, a Tunisian holiday island where the battle between Islamic and Western values in the region began.

Alexis Debary lived in Arabic speaking countries for many years and knows to bind first-hand glimpses of the Muslim world with raw action and vibrant imagery. This full-length debut plays with cultural prejudice and the search for identity.


Monica's limbs are melting. Her face glistens. She noses closer, playing her lips over the rough stubbles on his chin. Her lips edge nearer while his hot scent envelops her, robbing her of her senses. Beneath her shirt, her nipples tense to buds while the shed's electronically driven appliances hum softly in the background. With a forceful movement the he locks her in his arms, covering her mouth with kisses, and she feels his desire churn. Outside the shadow of a movement flashes by...

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