Protect Your Home, Family, And Business With These Proactive

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ANTI-CRIME MEASURES presents numerous protective initiatives a person may employ to protect his or her home, family, property, and business from the ravages of crime. ANTI-CRIME MEASURES includes the following Chapters:


- PROTECTING YOUR HOME AND PROPERTY includes Preventing Home Burglaries, Home Security, Apartment Security, Property Marking, Bogus Phone Calls And Suspicious Visitors

- PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY includes Protecting Your Children, When They Are Home Alone

- PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS includes Preventing Business Burglaries, Preventing Business Holdups

- PERSONAL SAFETY includes Personal Security, Confronting Danger, Preventing Sexual Assault, Preventing Rape, Self-Defense, Phone Safety

- PERSONAL INFORMATION AND ATM SECURITY includes Personal Information Security, ATM Security

- COMPUTER AND INTERNET SECURITY includes Surfing The Web Safely, Email Safety, Shopping Online

- SAFETY WHILE OUT-AND-ABOUT includes Safety En Route, Public Transportation Safety, Driving Safely, Outdoor Exercise Safety,Safety While Shopping, Holiday Safety, Party Safety

- DEALING WITH CRIME AND CRIMINALS includes Avoiding Crime In General, Avoiding Violent Crime

- VEHICULAR CRIME includes Avoiding Vehicular Crime, Avoiding Carjacking

- CON ARTISTS AND FRAUD includes Con Artists, Charity Fraud

- VACATION AND TRAVEL SECURITY includes Security While On Vacation, Security While Traveling, Hotel Security, Boating Safety And Security

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