Franz Cede, Christian Prosl: Ambition and Reality

Austria's Foreign Policy since 1945

Franz Cede, Christian Prosl: Ambition and Reality
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The authors' analysis sheds light on Austria's foreign policy after the Second World war and offers insights into recent developments based on many years of experience in the diplomatic service.

This book describes the most important issues of the Second Republic's foreign policy in a succinct yet captivating way and provides insight into diplomatic practice. It is aimed at readers who are interested in international issues in general and Austrian foreign policy in particular and offers a highly informative and thoroughly readable overview of the developments of the past decades - from the re-establishment of the Foreign Service and Austria's role in the Cold War to the changes that have taken place since Austria's accession to the EU. The book sheds light on Austria's relations with her direct neighbouring states, the ambivalent relationship with the USA and the effects of the collapse of the USSR.

The authors have written this book based on many years of experience in the diplomatic service. With their analysis they aim to contribute to a better understanding of Austria's position in an international context. They do not just direct their gaze into the past but also into the present and future of Austria's foreign policy. Above all they take into account the fundamental changes that took place at the beginning of the 21st century - changes that have brought totally new challenges for Austria.

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