All Life Is Yoga: The Sunlit Way of Yoga

Sri Aurobindo, The (d.i. Mira Alfassa) Mother: All Life Is Yoga: The Sunlit Way of Yoga
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I had a clear vision of the two kinds of opposites in nature (not only in nature but in life) which almost everyone carries within himself: one is the possibility of realization, the other is the path chosen to attain it. There is always (it’s probably inevitable) the stormy path of struggle, and then there is the sunlit path. After much study and observation, I have had a sort of “spiritual ambition” (if it can be called that) to bring to the world a sunlit path, to eliminate the necessity for struggle and suffering: something that aspires to replace this present phase of universal evolution with a less painful phase. (The Mother)

The 1st part contains text excerpts from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The 2nd part is the complete edition of the Mother’s work “The Sunlit Path”. The 3rd part contains excerpts from Sri Aurobindo’s main work “Savitri”.