All Life Is Yoga: Sadhana of the Body

Sri Aurobindo, The (d.i. Mira Alfassa) Mother: All Life Is Yoga: Sadhana of the Body
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The first part of this book deals primarily with the fundamentals of physical education, with the disciplines and attitudes helpful to developing a strong, healthy, and conscious body capable of the spiritual endeavor required for the transformation.

In the second part of this book the final stages of the Mother’s Yoga of physical transformation is taken up. Traditionally yoga implies union of the soul with the Divine. The ground of experiences are therefore in the inner being and the spiritual realms. These inner experiences, though enriching and liberating for the soul, leave the body unchanged and subject to all the age old habits of Nature. For the first time we see, in the Mother’s experiences, a supreme heroic effort to liberate and divinise the body itself. Though the Mother’s main Mission of Supramental Manifestation was completed an 29th February 1956, She continued further, in Her immense Love and Compassion for Earth and humanity to make the journey to the Future still shorter and easier. From April 1962, the yoga took a crucial and decisive turn, whence the Mother completely withdrew into Her room to dive deep into the body’s nether mysteries. Only the eye of faith or an inner revelation received as a gift of Grace can tell us how far she went blazing into the Inconscient Night. Success and failure have no meaning there since each inch forward is a great Victory.