Æsop's Fables

Volume One

Lucas Hucher, Æsop: Æsop's Fables
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In this book, Æsop's most beloved fables have been revised, rewritten (to be suitable for younger children), and illustrated by Lucas Hucher.  Fifteen of Aesop's Fables are featured, as followed, The Hair and the Tortoise, The Dog and the Wolf, The Dog and his Reflection, The Lion and the Mouse, Two Travelers and a Bear, The Crow and the Pitcher, Belling the Cat, The Swan and the Raven, The Young Crab and his Mother, the Fox and the Grapes, The Gnat and the Bull, The Fox and the Cat, The Boys and the Frogs, The Hen and the Jewl, and lastly, The Trees and the Axe.