A Manual for sexually mature idlers

Nikolay Ilchevski: A Manual for sexually mature idlers
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As a guide to self-determination, the writer straight out explosions of laughter from the reader and the people around are beginning to wonder what was happening.

Several signs by which to determine if you are an animal or person ...

How do you understand if you are a woman or a man .....

How to understand whether you falling in love or just ...

In 15 chapters addresses the main concerns of modern human - what is a courtship, what is a sex, what is a friend, how to contradistinguish them and how to orientate in the complicated maze that separates the world of male and female.

In the form of checklist you can finds the main differences between men and women, and different tests to check on friends to check whether he/she loved you and whether you jealous.

This is an incredible book - brilliant language, metaphors and so thin sharp turns in humor that flew out of the "bends" and you continue to giggles from the ditch.

"Ninety per cent of the world population problems exist only because they never read this book." Christopher Columbus

Do not risk buying this manual. Better steal it. So no one would know you have it. If you cannot steal, ask a friend to do so and then kill him to cover the tracks. If you cannot kill, hire a hit man. If you cannot decide between those two options, buy this manual along with fifty other books and slowly get out on the street. Do not look around. Turn calmly onto the first corner street, throw away all the other books and run couple of miles choosing the most narrow town alleys. Circuit the country using as many vehicles as possible, constantly changing your clothes and impersonating whoever you wish. Return to your place of residence around midnight, take off your shoes and bury them under a three in the most distant park. Tiptoe home, leave a note to your relatives that you'll go to an expedition in Sahara desert, and quietly barricade yourself in the basement. There, between the cement bags and the jars of chutney, you may open this manual. Just in case, read it at candlelight. And start from the epilog.

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