7 best short stories by Lord Dunsany

Lord Dunsany, August Nemo: 7 best short stories by Lord Dunsany
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Lord Dunsany was an Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist; his work, mostly in the fantasy genre, was published under the nameLord Dunsany. More than ninety books of his work were published in his lifetime, and both original work and compilations have continued to appear. Dunsany's uvre includes many hundreds of published short stories, as well as plays, novels and essays

This selection chosen by the critic August Nemocontains the following stories:

- Chu-Bu and Sheemish

- The Hoard of the Gibbelins

- The Quest of the Queen's Tears

- How One Came, As Was Foretold, To The City Of Never

- The Wonderful Window

- The Bride Of The Man Horse

- The House Of The Sphinx