27 Hours - The Nightside Saga 1 (Unabridged)

Tristina Wright: 27 Hours - The Nightside Saga 1 (Unabridged)
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Rumor Mora fears two things: hellhounds too strong for him to kill and failure. Jude Welton has two dreams: for humans to stop killing monsters and for his strange abilities to vanish. But in no reality should a boy raised to love monsters fall for a boy raised to kill them. Nyx Llorca keeps two secrets: the moon speaks to her, and she's in love with her best friend. Braeden Tennant wants two things: to get out from his mother's shadow and to unlearn his colony's darkest secret. To save everyone they love, they'll both have to commit treason. During one 27-hour night, these four runaways must stop the war between the monsters and the colonies from becoming a war of extinction-otherwise, the things they fear the most will be all that's left.

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